Professional and Experienced

Trend 2000 has over 30 years’ experience transferring our knowledge and expertise to our clients to help them set and achieve their innovation targets.
Thank you for identifying the key issues that caused our proposal to fail – I feel we now have the confidence to re-submit the proposal with appropriate improvements.”
“Your comments have been extremely helpful and I’m sure the proposal will be very much improved as a result. It was amazing that you could help so much in a short time…”
“Say hello to Peter from me. He did an excellent job. He did not save himself but seemingly worked with the proposal all night. The result is of great value for us.”

Trend 2000 Company Values

Passion and belief – ‘your success is our success’

Reliability, quality and timeliness

We believe in what we pitch

We believe in co-creation

Flexibility – we fit around your needs

Training and building capacity for long term relationships